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It is a truly amazing story of a woman's enormous struggle and her determination to succeed. A real page turner, I couldn't put it down. Diane Harris, Ramsgate

I could not put this book down at all. A true story of an incredible lady. So many struggles and heartache but her tenacity and courage always showed through. A loving mother in early 20th century India living under British rule and fighting constantly for equality for all. This wonderful lady amidst so many personal tragedies kept pushing for changes that we all benefit from in our modern world. A book for Historians, Mothers and Fathers alike. Cecilia left this world a lot better than she found it. Cecilia is the Great Grandmother of the Author Bernie Morgan and it has taken a lot of research for her to allow us in to follow this incredible story. Definitely a must read.  Robert Connell, Thanet

I finished the book, sobbing! Cecilia feels so real and I felt so deeply for her pain. You have really done her proud. Susie L, Birmingham

Everything was so true to the life I remember. The auntijis, the ayahs and the rough, dusty roads. The descriptive scenarios are so vivid and lively, I felt I was there!  MH (an auntiji) Leamington Spa 

A great human story extremely well told of a pioneering woman lawyer at a pivotal historic time for India. I found myself swept along increasingly gripped as Cecilia's indomitable spirit shone through. Great debut book.   Mark Lister, Kent 

This story is remarkable! The sheer tenacity and strength of Cecilia is breath taking. She battles immense personal tragedy and societal prejudice to follow her dream. We walk alongside her through it all. Her story will affect you and you will discover the human spirit always fights to survive.  Grace Read, Letchworth

Cecilia’s story grabbed me straight away. I was drawn into her family and loved the characters portrayed. It was also a good history lesson of India under British rule and the caste system, and the place of Anglo/Indian prodigy. It describes how difficult life for women wishing to be independent was. 

Bernie Morgan is a terrific writer, she has woven a fictional narrative superbly with historical facts. It’s a great read!  Betty Trinder Norfolk

This is a fascinating account of a woman who defied convention time and again. In this eminently readable novel, we learn how Cecilia Chattergee married and bore many children whilst concurrently studying to become a barrister.
She also pushed for the rights of women, and those of children of mixed marriages, during India's long thrashing out (by men of influence) of the terms of independence from Britain. Her energy and commitment are described with verve in an informative and absorbing way. 
Zeb, Cumbria

The book has been written brilliantly by Bernie Morgan, in a way that captures the reader's interest and attention immediately. I found it hard to put down. The life of this amazing woman, Cecilia Chattergee, was not only full of sorrow and hardship, but also of joy and fulfilment. Well worth the read! Nikki Mortimer, Surrey

Compelling reading, this book follows the story of one remarkable woman during India’s journey to independence. Touching on difficult issues and at times distressing subject matter, the story was simply written but with a humanity that meant you really came to identify with the characters. A treat of a book in so many ways and I’ll miss it now I’ve finished it. Gill Moody London

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